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Sprained Ankle Ligament Surgery & Treatment

The ankle joint is stabilised by several ligaments like the Anterior Talofibular Ligament (ATFL) and the Calcaneofibular Ligaments (CFL). When these ligaments are injured during sports or daily activity, they can cause an ankle sprain.

How Are Ankle Sprains Treated?

Most of the times an ankle sprain will only need proper rest of the joint, icing, compression and elevation to decrease the pain and swelling.

Sometimes ankle sprains can be more severe when the entire length of the ligament is torn. Recovery from a severe ankle sprain can be lengthy, and complications might also develop. For more serious ankle sprains, rehabilitation and physiotherapy play a central role in recovery. Usually, the pain subsides in less than three months with proper physiotherapy that focuses on mobility, power and balance of the ankle joint.

If the pain and swelling persist after three months, you might be suffering from chronic ankle joint injury which almost always requires surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery for Ankle Ligament Tears

If the pain of the ankle sprain remains even after multiple sessions of physiotherapy, you should consider a reconstructive arthroscopic ligament surgery. Using a camera (arthroscope), the joint ligaments are visualised and repaired.

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