Charcot Foot Treatment

Charcot foot is a disabling, deforming condition of the foot brought about by nerve damage. This could happen in the case of uncontrolled diabetes or other forms of neuropathies. As the disease progresses the bones of the foot deteriorate and become weak enough to easily get fractured and take on an abnormal shape. Charcot foot is a complex foot condition but one with treatment options available.

The classic presenting symptoms of Charcot Foot are tender or sore foot with swelling in the area of the fracture. The skin of the foot might also become warm along with visible redness.

These symptoms make it difficult to walk and bear weight on the foot. Patients with severe weakness and fractures suffer considerably in their daily life.

How is Charcot Foot Treated?

After a complete evaluation by your doctor, the best treatment plan will be decided for you. This could include both non-surgical and surgical options. Patients with mild symptoms will be advised to immobilize the leg in the early stages of the disease to slow down the disease progression. Bracing and special orthotics will be recommended to support the weakened foot.

Preventive care is extremely important in the management of Charcot foot. Proper control and monitoring of the underlying disease process such as diabetes is crucial.

Surgery for Charcot Foot

A reconstruction surgery of the foot and ankle will be the choice of treatment in complex and advanced cases of Charcot foot. This surgery can sometimes be the only hope to salvage the foot and correct the deformity to a good extent.

Charcot Foot Treatment in Singapore

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