Diabetic Foot

Diabetes is a modern epidemic with sobering statistics throughout the world. Uncontrolled diabetes can take a toll on almost every part of your body including the foot.

People with advanced stages of diabetes develop ulcers easily and have delayed wound healing. When these ulcers form on the skin of the foot, they invite infection which can grow and spread to the entire lower limb.

Eventually, the diabetic foot can become so severe that all functions and sensations of the foot are lost.

How Do We Treat Diabetic Foot?

For a long time, the only possible treatment of a diabetic foot was amputation. This became necessary to stop the infection from spreading upwards. Although amputation is still widely done in many parts of the world, we’re taking a different approach.

Reconstruction surgery and rebalancing is now the preferred treatment of choice where possible. This salvages the limb and also aids in returning to the normal function of the foot.

Sometimes corrective surgery for ulcers is also done when the ulcers have become long-standing.

Diabetic Foot Surgery Treatment Singapore

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