Foot and Ankle Fractures

Every one of us has probably twisted our ankle at some point in time. It could have been during an active sport, it could have even occurred during a clumsy slip in high heels.

The good news is that most of the time what your ankle suffers from is a simple sprain. Simple sprains are easily mended through the RICE technique – resting, icing, compression, and elevation of the ankle joint.

However, sometimes the injury could be more severe and cause the pain and swelling to persist for a long time. That’s when it becomes important to visit a doctor. If you notice that the symptoms don’t go away, it could point to more serious problems such as a fracture. Timely treatment is the key to quick and smooth recovery from foot and ankle fractures.

Some common foot and ankle injuries that require prompt treatment include fractures of the ankle, fractures of the metatarsal joints in the foot, ligament, and tendon injuries.

What’s the difference between a Sprain and a Fracture?

Because of their similar presentation, an ankle sprain and a fracture of the ankle joint can be tricky to tell apart. Only a qualified doctor will be able to identify the problem correctly.

Generally speaking, an ankle sprain will cause pain in the area of tissue around the joint. On the other hand, a fracture will typically cause bone pain along with obvious swelling of the joint.

Through the expertise of a professional doctor and modern imaging techniques, it has become much easier to diagnose the injury.

Remember, timely treatment of a foot fracture is crucial for recovery. If you suspect you have a fractured foot or any related injury, don’t hesitate to contact the Centre for Foot and Ankle Surgery. Schedule an appointment with Dr Ken Jin at our centre, where your journey towards healing begins.

Centre for Foot and Ankle Surgery
Centre for Foot And Ankle Surgery

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