Get Rotator cuff Treatment in Singapore to improve your overall health

Get Rotator Cuff Treatment in Singapore

Adults who experience shoulder discomfort and incapacity frequently have rotator cuff tears. Due to rotator cuff injuries, millions of patients see their doctors every year. Your shoulder may become weak if your rotator cuff is injured. 

It implies that several daily tasks, such as brushing your hair or getting ready, may become uncomfortable and challenging. However, with a rotator cuff treatment, your shoulders can be free again without any difficulty.

What is a Rotator Cuff Tear?

Four muscles and tendons support your shoulder joint and allow you to raise and twist your arms. These muscles are ripped due to a rotator cuff injury (your rotator cuff). A full-thickness tear or a complete tear are other names for it.

It frequently happens, especially in activities like painting or window cleaning and sports like baseball or tennis. If you repeatedly use the same arm action, it often occurs over time from regular wear and tears. Proper rotator cuff treatment allows you to recover and move your arms freely again.

Treatments For Rotator Cuff Tear

Treatment for rotator cuff injury often begins within a series of phases, including:

Strengthening your shoulder muscles with physical therapy 

Acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory medicines can be used to treat pain and swelling. Additionally, you obtain advice on how to use your shoulder more securely and pleasantly during the day and exercises you can perform at home.

Taking it easy can help your rotator cuff recover.

Steroid shots might temporarily relieve discomfort in your shoulder joint.

Shoulder Surgery may be necessary if the treatments above do not help, mainly if the rupture is complete. The torn area will need to be patched surgically, or the tendon will need to be reattached to the bone. 

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove tiny fragments of tendon or bone lodged in your shoulder joint or to remove small patches of bone or tissue to allow your tendon more mobility. Treatment for rotator cuff injury can let you live your life to the fullest without any arm pain.

Exercises to strengthen your shoulders can help lower your chance of a rotator cuff tear, especially if you fall into a high-risk category.

The front muscles of your chest, shoulder, and upper arm, as well as the rear of your shoulder, should all be your primary areas of attention. It balances your muscles. If you still face rotator cuff tears, a proper rotary cuff treatment is the right option.

 At SBF & Sports Hand, we provide quality treatments for all your orthopaedic problems. Our team of experts is led by Dr Bryan Tan Hsi Ming, who is a 2001 National University of Singapore graduate. 

After completing his advanced specialist training in orthopaedics, he received his FRCS Ed (Orth) certification in 2010. 

He has a strong interest in sports and engages in various activities, such as wakeboarding, powerlifting, and Muay Thai, which has given him a thorough grip on sports-related injuries and the optimum ways to treat them. He has special expertise with keyhole surgeries. We aim to provide perfect health for all patients and have the right team to do so 


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