Hand and Forearm Injury Treatment

The muscles of the hand are numerous in number, and they work in a coordinated fashion to perform complex, essential actions in our daily life. These muscles can be injured in multiple ways and cause a limitation of function.

Some of the more common causes of hand and forearm injury are fractures of the bones of the hand and arm, ligament injuries and tears, tendon tears, nerve injuries and avulsion, blood vessel damage and direct skin loss or injury.

In every case of injury appropriate and specific treatment will be required to restore function.

Some special injuries of the hand have a more clinical significance than others and need prompt attention. Injuries to the nail bed and fingers will require a surgical repair. Penetrating injuries from a knife or bullet can damage multiple tissues that will need to be repaired. Injuries of the tendon and ligament can affect the mobility of the hand while injuries sustained from fights are more likely to get infected.

A specialized hand Surgeon will be able to completely assess your case and suggest the proper treatment plan for you. Minimally invasive surgery has now become overwhelmingly popular in Singapore and practised by some of the most qualified hand surgeons.

Surgery might become important in complete recovery and post-operative care is also necessary for a swift restoration of hand and forearm function.

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