Hand Ligament Surgery

What do the hand ligaments do?

Ligaments in your wrist and hand joints help to keep the bones joined together. These fibrous bands make sure that the joint is fully stabilised and mobile for everyday functions.

Hand Ligament Sprains and Tears

Hand ligaments are vulnerable to injury and usually tearing because of overworking the joints or direct trauma. When an injury occurs to these ligaments, it is often referred to as a sprain. This is especially common in people who lift heavy weights or an impactful fall.

Severe ligament tears can occur in vehicular accidents or fall from great heights. When this happens prolonged treatment or surgery might be the only choice.

How do I know if my hand is sprained?

The first few signs and symptoms of ligament injury are swelling and pain in the affected joint. This occurs because of the underlying inflammation. If the tear is not extensive then simple icing or splinting will do the trick combined with anti-inflammatory medications.

When the injury is extensive, your joint might have dislocated which could cause abnormal movements. If this happens, you will need to check in with the doctor as soon as possible because untreated ligament injuries could become chronic.

How will we diagnose hand ligament injuries?

Complete history and physical examination are required to conclude. The diagnosis can further be confirmed through imaging techniques such as an x-ray and MRI or CT scan. The latter will provide a complete assessment of the extent of the injury.

Hand Ligament Surgery

If the injury is severe, you will be advised to undergo a minimally-invasive hand ligament surgery. This is a reconstruction surgery that repairs the torn ligaments of the hand.

Patients usually recover completely with good post-op care and physiotherapy.

Hand Ligament Surgery Treatment Singapore
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