Hand Reconstruction Surgery

Hand reconstruction surgery has revolutionised the field of medicine and provided an alternative to amputation. Only qualified hand specialists with specialised training can perform this complex microsurgery.

What Happens in Hand Reconstruction Surgery?

Using high magnification operating microscopes the contents of the hand are visualised through a small incision. The microscopes help to assess the various nerves, vessels and delicate structure of the hands so that they can be repaired to normal functioning. This reconstruction surgery requires micro-needles, fine sutures and other micro-instruments.

When is Hand Reconstruction Surgery Indicated?

This complex surgery is indicated only when there are no other medical options left to salvage a limb or the hand. When severe trauma occurs, this microsurgery can be used to re-establish the flow of blood to the hands and the joints. The only other option is amputation.

Hand reconstruction surgery bypasses the need for amputation in cases of trauma, diabetic infections, cancer and other causes of tissue loss. Tissues from other parts of the body are resected and used to repair the structures in the hand during the microsurgery.

What’s the Prognosis?

Complete recovery of the functions of the hand isn’t always possible, but the outcomes are excellent after a few months of surgery.

Hand Reconstruction Surgery

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