Ligament Injuries (ACL/PCL)

What is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)?

The ACL allows you to make twisting, jumping, and pivoting movements all the while stabilizing the knee joint. This ligament is found at the centre of the joint and it is commonly injured in active sports like football and basketball.

What happens when the ACL is torn?

Typically you’ll hear or feel a popping sound when this ligament is injured. This will be followed by pain and swelling of the joint. The knee might also be displaced from its position. The first line treatment for ACL tears is elevating the legs and using supports. Once the tear is fully evaluated, surgery could be considered.

What is the ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

This surgery involves replacing the torn ACL with the tendon of the hamstrings muscle or the patellar tendon of the same leg in which the joint is injured. It usually takes about six to eight months for the patient to return to active sports after the surgery.

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Tears

Another ligament similar to the ACL is the posterior cruciate ligament which is located at the back of the knee joint. Tears of the PCL usually don’t require surgery and can heal through proper physiotherapy. If the structures outside the knee are also involved with PCL tears, it can cause Posterolateral Complex (PLC) injuries that will need surgery.

Our doctors can help manage knee conditions and injuries such as ACL tears and meniscal tears. Our doctor’s expertise includes cartilage repair and knee replacement surgery

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