Meniscal Tears

What Are the Menisci in Your Joints ?

The menisci are a pair of unique cartilages with shock-absorbing properties found at the sides of your joints. Direct trauma and advancing age can do a number on your joints and can even cause the meniscus to get torn. Meniscal tears cause pain on certain movements of the joint and they can also cause the joint to swell. A large tear can even cause the joint to get locked.

How Are Meniscal Tears Diagnosed ?

Apart from the history and symptoms, meniscal tears can easily be found on MRI.

What Can Be Done About a Meniscal Tear ?

Depending upon the extent of the tear, we’ll determine whether you need surgery (arthroscopy) or not. Also known as the keyhole surgery, arthroscopy makes use of a tiny camera called the arthroscope that is inserted inside the joint. This procedure is done under general anaesthesia.

With the arthroscope, we will be able to visualise all the damaged tissues and meniscal tears. Reconstructive surgery is then performed to fix the torn structures in the joint. Loose debris is also sometimes removed, and the meniscal damage may also be corrected through trimming the damaged meniscus.

What’s The Prognosis of Arthroscopy ?

Most patients will be able to resume their daily activities in a few days to weeks. Combined with proper physiotherapy, you will also be able to play active sports.

Our doctors can help manage knee conditions and injuries such as ACL tears and meniscal tears. Our doctor’s expertise includes cartilage repair and knee replacement surgery

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