Pain & Stiffness in the Hand

There can be a myriad of causes of pain and stiffness in the hands. This discomfort can arise from an underlying problem in the joints, the muscles, and tendons of the hands, the nerves of the hand, or an inflammation.

Pain From Joints

When it comes to the joints, the chief complaints are swelling, stiffness, and a restriction in movement. Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is perhaps the commonest cause of this, and this is related to the natural aging process. Joint pains and stiffness usually improve with proper rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Surgery may be advised when the condition is well in its advanced stages and causes deformities.

Pain From a Tendon

Tendonitis or tendovaginitis is another frequent cause of stiffness and pain in the hand especially when the hand is moved in a certain direction. This inflammatory process is usually a result of overuse of the muscles and wear and tear of the tendon and its sheath. Some examples of compromised tendon conditions in the hand include De Quervain’s tenosynovitis and the trigger finger.

Splinting and rest are usually the first lines of treatment; however surgical intervention might become necessary when the disease has advanced.

Pain from Nerves

Nerve compression in the wrist is extremely common and is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition causes a phenomenon known as early morning stiffness. With the process of surgical decompression, carpal tunnel syndrome can be fully corrected.

Pain from Infections
Acute infections from diseases like gout can cause a sudden episode of pain in the hands. Proper treatment and control of uric acid is the mainstay treatment in these cases.

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