Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder instability and dislocation is an extremely common condition that limits the function of the arm and hand. In order to perform daily life tasks, it’s important for the shoulder joint to be stable. This joint has a wide range of movements; it is also easily injured.

What Cause the Shoulder to Dislocate?

When the shoulder slips out its socket, the entire joint becomes unstable. The likely cause of shoulder instability or dislocation is an injury to the ligaments holding the joint in place. When these ligaments are torn, the shoulder gets dislocated.

But the direct injury isn’t the only cause for shoulder instability. Sometimes when the shoulder joint is overworked or stretched as in active overhead sports like volleyball, tennis and swimming the repetitive stress on the ligaments can cause the shoulder to dislocate out of place.

How is Shoulder Instability Treated?

The treatment depends on the extent of the injury.

Sometimes simple physiotherapy exercises will suffice and return the shoulder joint back to its maximum function.

However, in many cases,, patients will need to rest their joint and wear braces to immobilize the shoulder.

Surgery is advised when none of the conservative methods works or if the injury is too extensive. Currently, minimally invasive surgery or arthroscopy is the preferred surgical procedure of choice. This type of small incision surgery provides an earlier recovery and better overall outcomes for the patient.

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